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Find the key to SME Success!

Effective Consulting for Small and Medium sized Enterprise

Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) frequently have consulting needs like large companies. Both need appropriate solutions, but SME's require higher efficiency. Especially small companies can rarely afford a second attempt to get it right.

Focus on the keys for small business success

Our team

  • develops alternative marketing strategies for new business ideas
  • creates and executes the brand strategy
  • develops the product
  • builds the necessary infrastructure to support the business in an efficient manner
  • develops the internet platform required for the realization of the product and brand strategy

Time to Market

Timing is essential in business, as the world is becoming more competitive every day. Can you afford to loose time?

THE SOLUTIONS! NETWORK understands Time to Market, which is why we have a vertical integration of those aspects we deem necessary for your success. An example is that most consulting firms advise on "having a website" and even "guide" in the process of outsourcing this project. THE SOLUTIONS! NETWORK develops mobile-ready websites in-house, taking into account Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the start of the project. Our websites are developed on the powerful Drupal 7 and most recently Drupal 8 platforms, so your website can grow with your business - all the way to a fully integrated eCommerce platform. Adding web design to our services is one way we effectively reduce Time to Market for our clients.

In addition to creating your Drupal based web solution, we are Apple developers who can create your custom iOS application for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Target Market

Even though our team loves to provide management consulting to startup companies, we are happy to support clients on all levels. The key is knowing your target market.

Our Objective

We aim to create value for our customers!